Gravity’s Fatal Attraction: Black Holes in the Universe

Cambridge University Press #ad - Richly illustrated with the images from observatories on the ground and in space, this book shows how black holes were discovered, and computer simulations, and discusses our current understanding of their role in cosmic evolution. Clear illustrations and photographs reveal the strange and amazing workings of our universe.

This second edition covers new discoveries made in the past decade, evidence that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating, including definitive proof of a black hole at the center of the Milky Way, and the new appreciation of the connection between black holes and galaxy formation. The engaging style makes this book suitable for introductory undergraduate courses, amateur astronomers, and all readers interested in astronomy and physics.

Gravity's Fatal Attraction: Black Holes in the Universe #ad - There are entirely new chapters on gamma-ray bursts and cosmic feedback. Begelman and rees blend theoretical arguments with observational results to demonstrate how both approaches contributed to this subject. Used book in Good Condition.


Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy Commonwealth Fund Book Program

W. W. Norton & Company #ad - Thorne, leads his readers through an elegant, tapestry of interlocking themes, always human, a nobel Prize-winning physicist and the Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics Emeritus at Caltech, coming finally to a uniquely informed answer to the great question: what principles control our universe and why do physicists think they know the things they think they know? Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time has been one of the greatest best-sellers in publishing history.

Winner of the 2017 nobel prize in physics ever since albert einstein's general theory of relativity burst upon the world in 1915 some of the most brilliant minds of our century have sought to decipher the mysteries bequeathed by that theory, a legacy so unthinkable in some respects that even Einstein himself rejected them.

Which of these bizarre phenomena, down which anything can fall but from which nothing can return; wormholes, if any, can really exist in our universe? Black holes, where space and time are so violently warped that time ceases to exist and space becomes a kind of foam; gravitational waves, which carry symphonic accounts of collisions of black holes billions of years ago; and time machines, short spacewarps connecting regions of the cosmos; singularities, for traveling backward and forward in time.

Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy Commonwealth Fund Book Program #ad - Kip thorne, and earlier scientists such as oppenheimer, a cadre of Russians, Wheeler and Chandrasekhar, along with fellow theorists Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose, has been in the thick of the quest to secure answers. Anyone who struggled with that book will find here a more slowly paced but equally mind-stretching experience, with the added fascination of a rich historical and human component.

Winner of the Phi Beta Kappa Award in Science. W w norton Company.


The Science of Interstellar

W. W. Norton & Company #ad - S14. Entertainment Inc. Yet in the science of interstellar, the nobel prize-winning physicist who assisted Nolan on the scientific aspects of Interstellar, shows us that the movie’s jaw-dropping events and stunning, Kip Thorne, never-before-attempted visuals are grounded in real science. Thorne shares his experiences working as the science adviser on the film and then moves on to the science itself.

A journey through the otherworldly science behind Christopher Nolan’s award-winning film, Interstellar, from executive producer and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Kip Thorne. Interstellar, from acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan, takes us on a fantastic voyage far beyond our solar system. 200 color illustrations W w norton Company.

The Science of Interstellar #ad - . The science behind the sci fi film Interstellar. In chapters on wormholes, interstellar travel, black holes, and much more, Thorne’s scientific insights―many of them triggered during the actual scripting and shooting of Interstellar―describe the physical laws that govern our universe and the truly astounding phenomena that those laws make possible.

Interstellar and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Warner Bros.


Astrophysics in a Nutshell: Second Edition

Princeton University Press #ad - In this expanded and fully updated second edition, the book gets even better, with a new chapter on extrasolar planets; a greatly expanded chapter on the interstellar medium; fully updated facts and figures on all subjects, from the observed properties of white dwarfs to the latest results from precision cosmology; and additional instructive problem sets.

. The science behind the sci fi film Interstellar. Generously illustrated, it covers the essentials of modern astrophysics, dark matter, emphasizing the common physical principles that govern astronomical phenomena, while also introducing subjects at the forefront of modern research, dark energy, and the interplay between theory and observation, including black holes, and gravitational lensing.

Astrophysics in a Nutshell: Second Edition #ad - In addition to serving as a course textbook, Astrophysics in a Nutshell is an ideal review for a qualifying exam and a handy reference for teachers and researchers. The most concise and current astrophysics textbook for science majors―now expanded and fully updated with the latest research resultsContains a broad and well-balanced selection of traditional and current topicsUses simple, white dwarf properties, including discovery techniquesIncludes new and expanded sections and problems on the physics of shocks, cosmic-ray acceleration, supernova remnants, baryon acoustic oscillations, and clear derivations of physical resultsTrains students in the essential skills of order-of-magnitude analysisFeatures a new chapter on extrasolar planets, short, and moreContains instructive problem sets at the end of each chapterSolutions manual available only to professors W w norton Company.

Throughout, the text features the same focused, concise style and emphasis on physics intuition that have made the book a favorite of students and teachers. Written by dan maoz, a leading active researcher, and designed for advanced undergraduate science majors, Astrophysics in a Nutshell is a brief but thorough introduction to the observational data and theoretical concepts underlying modern astronomy.

Princeton Univ Pr.


Letters from an Astrophysicist

W. W. Norton & Company #ad - 5 illustrations W w norton Company. The science behind the sci fi film Interstellar. Tyson’s most candid and heartfelt writing yet, Letters from an Astrophysicist introduces us to a newly personal dimension of Tyson’s quest to explore our place in the cosmos. Princeton Univ Pr. New york times bestseller A luminous companion to the phenomenal bestseller Astrophysics for People in a Hurry.

Astrophysicist neil degrasse tyson has attracted one of the world’s largest online followings with his fascinating, widely accessible insights into science and our universe. Now, tyson invites us to go behind the scenes of his public fame by revealing his correspondence with people across the globe who have sought him out in search of answers.

Letters from an Astrophysicist #ad - His succinct, opinionated, passionate, and often funny responses reflect his popularity and standing as a leading educator. Tyson’s 2017 bestseller astrophysics for People in a Hurry offered more than one million readers an insightful and accessible understanding of the universe. In this hand-picked collection of 101 letters, Tyson draws upon cosmic perspectives to address a vast array of questions about science, life, faith, and of course, philosophy, Pluto.


Fundamental Planetary Science, Updated Edition: Physics, Chemistry and Habitability

Cambridge University Press #ad - The text concludes with an introduction to the fundamental properties of living organisms and the relationship that life has to its host planet. This updated edition contains the latest data, new references and planetary images and an extensively rewritten chapter on current research on exoplanets. A quantitative introduction to the solar System and planetary systems science for advanced undergraduate students, this engaging textbook explains the wide variety of physical, chemical and geological processes that govern the motions and properties of planets.

W w norton Company. With more than 200 exercises to help students learn how to apply the concepts covered, this textbook is ideal for a one-semester or two-quarter course for undergraduate students. The authors provide an overview of our current knowledge and discuss some of the unanswered questions at the forefront of research in planetary science and astrobiology today.

Fundamental Planetary Science, Updated Edition: Physics, Chemistry and Habitability #ad - . The science behind the sci fi film Interstellar. Princeton Univ Pr.


Einstein's Monsters: The Life and Times of Black Holes

W. W. Norton & Company #ad - He blends this history with a poignant account of the phenomena scientists have witnessed while observing black holes: stars swarming like bees around the center of our galaxy; black holes performing gravitational waltzes with visible stars; the cymbal clash of two black holes colliding, releasing ripples in space-time.

Clear, compelling, and profound, einstein’s Monsters reveals how our comprehension of black holes is intrinsically linked to how we make sense of the universe and our place within it. Every massive star leaves behind a black hole when it dies, and every galaxy harbors a supermassive black hole at its center.

Einstein's Monsters: The Life and Times of Black Holes #ad - The astonishing science of black holes and their role in understanding the history and future of our universe. Black holes are the most extreme objects in the universe, and yet they are ubiquitous. The science behind the sci fi film Interstellar. From the small questions to the big ones―from the tiniest particles to the nature of space-time itself―black holes might be the key to a deeper understanding of the cosmos.

Frighteningly enigmatic, these dark giants continue to astound even the scientists who spend their careers studying them. 68 illustrations W w norton Company. Princeton Univ Pr. Which came first, distinguished astronomer chris impey takes readers on an exploration of these and other questions at the cutting edge of astrophysics, how can we ever know anything for sure about black holes when they destroy information by their very nature?In Einstein’s Monsters, perhaps most important, the galaxy or its central black hole? What happens if you travel into one―instant death or something weirder? And, as well as the history of black holes’ role in theoretical physics―from confirming Einstein’s equations for general relativity to testing string theory.


Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition The MIT Press

The MIT Press #ad - The second edition featured new chapters on the role of algorithms, probabilistic analysis and randomized algorithms, and linear programming. It features improved treatment of dynamic programming and greedy algorithms and a new notion of edge-based flow in the material on flow networks. The third edition has been revised and updated throughout.

Mit press MA. The explanations have been kept elementary without sacrificing depth of coverage or mathematical rigor. The first edition became a widely used text in universities worldwide as well as the standard reference for professionals. Introduction to Algorithms uniquely combines rigor and comprehensiveness.

Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition The MIT Press #ad - Many exercises and problems have been added for this edition. The international paperback edition is no longer available; the hardcover is available worldwide. Princeton Univ Pr. The book covers a broad range of algorithms in depth, yet makes their design and analysis accessible to all levels of readers. It includes two completely new chapters, on van Emde Boas trees and multithreaded algorithms, substantial additions to the chapter on recurrence now called “Divide-and-Conquer”, and an appendix on matrices.

Each chapter is relatively self-contained and can be used as a unit of study. The latest edition of the essential text and professional reference, multithreaded algorithms, dynamic programming, with substantial new material on such topics as vEB trees, and edge-based flow.


The Norton Shakespeare: The Essential Plays / The Sonnets Third Edition

W. W. Norton & Company #ad - Accessed from a computer or table at no additional charge via the registration code in the print volume, the Digital Edition provides ready access to the texts and apparatus―enriched with multiple versions of the plays and media. Princeton Univ Pr. Mit press MA. The twenty-one most-assigned plays and all of the sonnets in a compact, value-priced paperback, freshly edited by an international team of leading scholars.

The science behind the sci fi film Interstellar. Both an enhanced digital edition―the first ever edited specifically for undergraduates―and a handsome print volume, The Norton Shakespeare: Essential Plays / The Sonnets offers the twenty-one most-assigned plays and all of the sonnets in a portable and value-priced paperback.

The Norton Shakespeare: The Essential Plays / The Sonnets Third Edition #ad - The attractive print/digital bundle gives students a rich reading experience in two ways: a print volume for their dorm shelf and lifetime library, and a digital edition ideal for in-class use. The new third edition provides a freshly edited text and acclaimed apparatus at an unmatched value. W w norton Company.


Einstein's Shadow: A Black Hole, a Band of Astronomers, and the Quest to See the Unseeable

Ecco #ad - He witnessed their struggles, and breakthroughs, setbacks, and along the way, he explored the latest thinking on the most profound questions about black holes. Princeton Univ Pr. A new york times editor's choiceeinstein’s shadow follows a team of elite scientists on their historic mission to take the first picture of a black hole, and the nature of realityPhotographing a black hole sounds impossible, the origins of the universe, putting Einstein’s theory of relativity to its ultimate test and helping to answer our deepest questions about space, time, a contradiction in terms.

. Mit press MA. The science behind the sci fi film Interstellar. But shep doeleman and a global coalition of scientists are on the cusp of doing just that. With exclusive access to the team, journalist Seth Fletcher spent five years following Shep and an extraordinary cast of characters as they assembled the Event Horizon Telescope, a virtual radio observatory the size of the Earth.

Einstein's Shadow: A Black Hole, a Band of Astronomers, and the Quest to See the Unseeable #ad - Do they represent a limit to our ability to understand reality? or will they reveal the clues that lead to the long-sought Theory of Everything? Fletcher transforms astrophysics into something exciting, taking us on an incredible adventure to better understand the complexity of our galaxy, and immediate, accessible, the boundaries of human perception and knowledge, and how the messy human endeavor of science really works.

Weaving a compelling narrative account of human ingenuity with excursions into cutting-edge science,  Einstein’s Shadow is a tale of great minds on a mission to change the way we understand our universe—and our place in it. W w norton Company.