A Season on the Wind: Inside the World of Spring Migration

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt #ad - One such place is along Lake Erie in northwestern Ohio. This vast parade often goes unnoticed, except in a few places where these small travelers concentrate in large numbers. This is a fascinating and urgent study of the complex issues that affect bird migration. Every spring, billions of birds sweep north, driven by ancient instincts to return to their breeding grounds.

A close look at one season in one key site that reveals the amazing science and magic of spring bird migration, and the perils of human encroachment. But wind farms—popular as green energy sources—can be disastrous for birds if built in the wrong places. Now climate change threatens to disrupt patterns of migration and the delicate balance between birds, seasons, and habitats.

A Season on the Wind: Inside the World of Spring Migration #ad - There, the peak of spring migration is so spectacular that it attracts bird watchers from around the globe, culminating in one of the world’s biggest birding festivals. Millions of winged migrants pass through the region, some traveling thousands of miles, performing epic feats of endurance and navigating with stunning accuracy.


Peterson Reference Guide to Sparrows of North America Peterson Reference Guides

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt #ad - Sparrows are as complicated as they are common. Sparrows are harder to pin down. This is an essential guide to identifying 76 kinds, along with a fascinating history of human interactions with them. This book includes not just facts and measurements, but stories of the birds' entanglement with human history.

  . This book covers the birds of the family Passerellidae, juncos, which includes towhees, and dozens of other not necessarily small and not necessarily brown birds. Birds have a human history, their taxonomic fortunes and misfortunes, beginning with their significance to native cultures and continuing through their discovery by science, too, and their prospects for survival in a world with ever less space for wild creatures.

Peterson Reference Guide to Sparrows of North America Peterson Reference Guides #ad - What exactly is a sparrow? all birders, a duck, and many non-birders, or a flamingo, have essentially the same mental image of a pelican, and a guide dedicated to waxwings or kingfishers would need nothing more than a sketch and a single sentence to satisfactorily identify its subject.


How to Know the Birds: The Art and Adventure of Birding

National Geographic #ad - This friendly, relatable book is a celebration of the art, science, and delights of bird-watching. How to know the birds introduces a new, song, settings, gender, and seasonal cycles connect with shape, age distinctions, holistic approach to bird-watching, color, by noting how behaviors, and other features traditionally used to identify species.

With short essays on 200 observable species, each species representing another useful lesson: from explaining scientific nomenclature to noting how plumage changes with age, expert author Ted Floyd guides us through a year of becoming a better birder, from chronicling migration patterns to noting hatchling habits.

How to Know the Birds: The Art and Adventure of Birding #ad - A pleasure for birders of all ages, this witty book promises solid lessons for the beginner and smiles of recognition for the seasoned nature lover. Become a better birder with brief portraits of 200 top North American birds. Dozens of endearing pencil sketches accompany Floyd's charming prose, making this book a unique blend of narrative and field guide.


Gulls Simplified: A Comparative Approach to Identification

Princeton University Press #ad - A simpler and more user-friendly visual approach to gull identificationThis unique photographic field guide to North America’s gulls provides a comparative approach to identification that concentrates on the size, structure, and basic plumage features of gulls―gone are the often-confusing array of plumage details found in traditional guides.

Featuring hundreds of color photos throughout, Gulls Simplified illustrates the variations of gull plumages for a variety of ages, giving readers strong visual reference points for each species. Extensive captions accompany the photos, which include comparative photo arrays, digitized photo arrays for each age group, and numerous images of each species―a wealth of visual information at your fingertips.

This one-of-a-kind guide includes detailed species accounts and a distribution map for each gull. An essential field companion for north American birders, Gulls Simplified reduces the confusion commonly associated with gull identification, offering a more user-friendly way of observing these marvelous birds.

Gulls Simplified: A Comparative Approach to Identification #ad - Provides a simpler approach to gull identificationfeatures a wealth of color photos for easy comparison among speciesIncludes detailed captions that explain identification criteria and aging, with direct visual reinforcement above the captionsCombines plumage details with a focus on size, body shape, and structural features for easy identification in the fieldHighlights important field marks and physical features for each gull.


Bringing Back the Birds: Exploring Migration and Preserving Birdscapes throughout the Americas

Braided River #ad - This is a resource to gaze at and consider, especially the arresting views of hummingbirds, shorebirds, warblers, and the northern gannet. Library journal foreword by jonathan franzen original poem by Margaret Atwood With species ranging from tiny iridescent-green hummingbirds to giant, gangly flightless rheas, the Americas feature an astonishing array of birds that rely upon the region’s tremendous diversity of habitats.

To learn more about braided river and its mission: inspiring people to protect wild places through images and stories that change perspectives, please visit www. Braidedriver. Org. Fitzpatrick, ej williams, cornell Lab of Ornithology; and Mike Parr, and Clare Nielsen of ABC. The american bird conservancy abC works across the Americas with a goal to have birds routinely prioritized in all land-use and policy decision-making.

Bringing Back the Birds: Exploring Migration and Preserving Birdscapes throughout the Americas #ad - Bringing back the birds showcases these efforts, alongside the stunning photography of Owen Deutsch and eloquent essays from renowned experts in the field: Peter P. Treasured songbirds feed at northern backyard feeders yet often arrive from points far to the south. Marra, smithsonian migratory Bird Center; researchers Kimberly and Kenn Kaufman; John W.

That reliance may be very localized or it may reach across continents: Swainson’s Thrushes travel from South America all the way to Alaska, while certain grebes spend their entire lives on a single lake.


Kingbird Highway: The Biggest Year in the Life of an Extreme Birder

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt #ad - Isbn: 0618709401. At sixteen, kenn kaufman dropped out of the high school where he was student council president and hit the road, from Alaska to Florida, hitching back and forth across America, Maine to Mexico. His goal was to set a record - most north American species seen in a year - but along the way he began to realize that at this breakneck pace he was only looking, not seeing.

Kingbird highway is a unique coming-of-age story, and sometimes dangerous, combining a lyrical celebration of nature with wild, adventures, starring a colorful cast of characters. Maybe not all that unusual a thing to do in the seventies, God, but what Kenn was searching for was a little different: not sex, or even self, drugs, but birds.

Kingbird Highway: The Biggest Year in the Life of an Extreme Birder #ad - A report of a rare bird would send him hitching nonstop from Pacific to Atlantic and back again. What had been a game became a quest for a deeper understanding of the natural world. Author: Ken Kaufman. When he was broke he would pick fruit or do odd jobs to earn the fifty dollars or so that would last him for weeks.


Birds by the Shore: Observing the Natural Life of the Atlantic Coast

Penguin Books #ad - Author: Ken Kaufman. Birds by the shore is a book about discovering the natural life at the ocean's edge: the habits of shorebirds and seabirds, the movement of sand and water, the wealth of creatures that survive amid storm and surf. Isbn: 0618709401. Against this landscape's rhythms, Ackerman revisits her own history--her mother's death, her father's illness and her hopes to have children of her own.

This portrait of life at the ocean's edge will be relished by anyone who has walked a beach at sunset, or watched a hawk hover over a winter marsh, and felt part of the natural world. With a quiet passion and friendly, generous intelligence, it explores the way that landscape shapes our thoughts and perceptions and shows that home ground is often where we feel the deepest response to the planet.

Birds by the Shore: Observing the Natural Life of the Atlantic Coast #ad - From the bestselling author of the genius of birds, the revised and reissued edition of her beloved book of essays describing her forays along the Delaware shoreFor three years, in the sort of blue-water, Delaware, Jennifer Ackerman lived in the small coastal town of Lewes, white-sand landscape that draws summer crowds up and down the eastern seaboard.


Oceanic Birds of the World: A Photo Guide

Princeton University Press #ad - Each group and species complex has an introductory overview of its identification challenges, illustrated with clear comparative photos. The first field guide to the world's oceanic birds in more than two decades, this exciting and authoritative book draws on decades of firsthand experience on the open seas.

. They offer unusual identification challenges―many species look similar and it can be difficult to get good views of fast-flying birds from a moving boat. A state-of-the-art photographic field guide to the world's oceanic birdsOceanic birds are among the most remarkable but least known of all birds, living at sea, far from the sight of most people.

Oceanic Birds of the World: A Photo Guide #ad - It features clear text filled with original insights and new information and more than 2, 200 carefully chosen color images that bring the ocean and its remarkable winged inhabitants to life. The text describes flight manner, plumage variation related to age and molt, seasonal occurrence patterns, migration routes, and many other features.

The result is an indispensable guide for exploring birding's last great frontier. A comprehensive, overviews of the latest taxonomy, and accessible guide to oceanic birdsCovers more than 270 speciesIncludes more than 2, authoritative, tips on how to observe and ID birds at sea, 200 color photos with concise captions noting key featuresFeatures careful species comparisons, and much more Author: Ken Kaufman.

Never before have oceanic birds been presented in such an accessible and comprehensive way. The introduction discusses the many recent developments in seabird taxonomy, which are incorporated into the species accounts, and these accounts are arranged into groups that aid field identification. Isbn: 0618709401.


Mastering Bird Photography: The Art, Craft, and Technique of Photographing Birds and Their Behavior

Rocky Nook #ad - Author: Ken Kaufman. Marie then teaches you to take your skills to the next level in order to capture action shots, illustrate birds in their habitats, and portray birds in evocative and artistic ways. Throughout the book, bird behavior insights provide bird photographers of all skill levels a wealth of essential insider information that will help you produce images that stand out from the crowd.

Captions for the over 400 images contained in the book provide details on the equipment used, as well as camera settings. In mastering bird photography: the art, acclaimed bird photographer and author Marie Read shares techniques and stories behind her compelling images, offering fresh insights into making successful bird photographs, and Technique of Photographing Birds and Their Behavior, Craft, whether you’re out in the field or in the comfort of your own backyard.

Mastering Bird Photography: The Art, Craft, and Technique of Photographing Birds and Their Behavior #ad - Isbn: 0618709401. In this richly illustrated book, you’ll learn how to be in the right place at the right time and how to obtain tack sharp portraits. Building on basic technical topics such as camera choice, and camera settings, compositional decisions, lens choice, Marie reveals how fieldcraft, and knowledge of bird behavior contribute greatly to a successful bird photograph.

. Topics include: equipment and accessories focus, and mood top bird photo sites in north America Basic image editing …and much more Foreword by Tim Gallagher, and light Composition and creativity Bird photography ethics Capturing bird behavior Storytelling images Action and in-flight shots Backyard photo studio Weather, exposure, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, water, Living Bird magazine.


Peterson Field Guide to Bird Sounds of Western North America Peterson Field Guides

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt #ad - Readers can then turn to the species account for more information and/or listen to the accompanying audio tracks available online. Yet short of memorizing each bird’s repertoire, it’s difficult to sort through them all. Now, with the western edition of this groundbreaking book, it’s possible to visually distinguish bird sounds and identify birds using a field-guide format.

A comprehensive field guide that uses an innovative Sound Index to allow readers to quickly identify unfamiliar songs and calls of birds in western North America. The sound index groups similar songs together, narrowing the identification choices quickly to a brief list of birds that are likely to be confused because of the similarity of their songs.

Peterson Field Guide to Bird Sounds of Western North America Peterson Field Guides #ad - Bird songs and calls are at least as important as visual field marks in identifying birds. Author: Ken Kaufman. With a brief introduction to five key aspects—speed, and tone quality—readers can translate what they hear into visual recognition, pauses, repetition, pitch pattern, without any musical training or auditory memorization.

Isbn: 0618709401. This book makes it vastly easier to master than ever before. Identifying birds by sound is arguably the most challenging and important skill in birding. At the core of this guide is the spectrogram, a visual graph of sound.


Dragonflies and Damselflies: A Natural History

Princeton University Press #ad - A lavishly illustrated introduction to the world's dragonflies and damselfliesDragonflies and damselflies are often called birdwatchers’ insects. There are more than 6, 000 odonate species known at present, and you need only visit any wetland on a warm summer day to be enthralled by their stunning colors and fascinating behavior.

In this lavishly illustrated natural history, leading dragonfly expert Dennis Paulson offers a comprehensive, accessible, and appealing introduction to the world’s dragonflies and damselflies. The book highlights the impressive skills and abilities of dragonflies and damselflies―superb fliers that can glide, cruise, hover, and capture prey on the wing.

It also describes their arsenal of tactics to avoid predators, mate guarding, sperm displacement, aerial mating, and their amazing sex life, including dazzling courtship displays, and male mimicry. Dragonflies and damselflies includes profiles of more than fifty of the most interesting and beautiful species from around the world.

Large, brightly colored, and displaying complex and interesting behaviors, active in the daytime, they have existed since the days of the dinosaurs, and they continue to flourish. Their ancestors were the biggest insects ever, and they still impress us with their size, the largest bigger than a small hummingbird.

Dragonflies and Damselflies: A Natural History #ad - Learn about the great cascade damsel, which breeds only at waterfalls, the mesmerizing flight of Blue-winged Helicopters, and how the larva of the Common Sanddragon can burrow into sand as efficiently as a mole. Combining expert text and excellent color photographs, this is a must-have guide to these remarkable insects.

A lavishly illustrated, anatomy, biology, and habitats of dragonflies and damselfliesintroduces the 39 families of dragonflies and damselflies through exemplary species accountsFeatures tips on field observation and lab research, and accessible natural history that reveals the beauty and diversity of one of the world’s oldest and most popular insect groupsOffers a complete guide to the evolution, life cycles, comprehensive, behavior, and information on threats and conservation Author: Ken Kaufman.